Mindfulness and Wellbeing

  • 01 May 2022

    Working as a team

    We all have to work in teams. Some may be delightful experiences and others trickier.

    We can easily get lost in groups and feel that we are not listened to or encouraged to be our best.

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  • 01 Apr 2022

    Coping with change, challenge, and fear

    When change hits our life and our world, it can be very unsettling. All the order and routine we have built into our lives, to give it meaning and purpose gets challenged.

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  • 01 Mar 2022

    Emotional intelligence - The new 21st century currency

    Emotional intelligence has long been hailed as the most effective way to communicate in the 21st century.

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  • 01 Feb 2022

    How to be a mindful exams officer

    It is a responsible job being an exams officer. There are so many things to plan for, prepare and deliver.

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  • 03 Jan 2022

    Getting mental health ready for the exam season

    Your Mental Health is a real priority at Exam Season.  Are you taking care of it? Summer exams may well seem a long way off right now, but it is never too early to plan.

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  • 01 Dec 2021

    Gratitude - Giving thanks

    Usually as the year comes to a close, I do some kind of review on how I feel things have shaped up.  How I’ve measured up to my own expectations and how life has met me on the way. It’s not always easy and I’m not going to suggest it as a first step into mindfulness.

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