Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How do I join the NAEO?

Becoming a member of the NAEO is a straightforward process all handled through the NAEO website. Click here to access the sign-up page and complete the online form. Once completed, an email will be sent from to the email address you provided to confirm your membership.


2. How do I access the legal service offered by the NAEO to its members?

All enquiries regarding legal services are handled through the NAEO website. Click here to see the legal support page and either follow the link to the NAEO Employment Right Enquiry Form (click here, login required) on the NAEO website or, for all other legal matters, follow the link to the Morrish Solicitors online enquiry form (click here).


3. How do I keep updated regarding the benefits the NAEO offers its members?

Updates regarding the NAEO’s activity and the services it offers its members will be shared through the NAEO website, social media and through The Exams Office’s website. Each month, the Chief Executive Officer’s Message (click here) will summarise key activity and set out details of any latest initiatives.


4. How do I contact the NAEO?

The answers to any questions you may have should be contained on the NAEO website.

Any information regarging legal services and how to access them can be found here and any updates or announcements will be updated through our member messaging in the CEO's Monthly Message found here and Articles page found here.

Should the nature of your enquiry require a response please email us at

For all media enquiries please email us at