Governance Groups

The activities of the NAEO are overseen by a number of groups to ensure:

  • Compliance with Community Interest Company rules and regulations
  • Effective running of the company from a financial, accounting and value-for-money perspective
  • Complete clarity and transparency over the company’s activities
  • Prioritisation of focus, activities and member benefits are regularly reviewed, in line with robust evidence and complete objectivity
  • Our members are able to influence decision making and are actively involved in the shaping of the company’s activity and member provision


NAEO Management Group

The NAEO Management Group is a standing group made up of the CIC directors, along with external expert executive and non-executive advisors, which meets every quarter.

The remit of the group is as follows:

  • To ensure compliance with the Office of the Register of Community Interest Companies’ rules and regulations
  • To oversee and implement the effective running of the company
  • To set strategy and ensure that objectives are met
  • To commission any new activities to be carried out on behalf of the NAEO membership


NAEO Steering Group

The NAEO Steering Group are standing groups made up of the NAEO Management Group members, along with representation from the NAEO membership, which meets every quarter.

The activities of this group include:

  • Informing and contributing towards the initiatives and activities undertaken by the NAEO
  • Reporting to the NAEO Management Group with findings and recommendations resulting from surveys, consultations, and Focus Group (see below) activity

See below for details of our current Steering Groups:


Focus Groups

Focus groups are mostly made up of representatives from the NAEO membership and meet on an ad hoc basis as/when a particular subject, initiative or challenge requires consideration by a diverse and informed group. Group numbers and sizes vary, according to the task in hand.

The activities of these groups may include:

  • User testing and suggesting improvements for new features or functionality on the NAEO website
  • Conducting research into and compiling findings regarding a particular challenge facing the exams officer community
  • Meeting to discuss content and activities at NAEO events