Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


1. From what date will membership to the NAEO become available?

The NAEO will formally launch on 1 September 2021. Members of The Exams Office will be kept updated about all developments regarding the establishment of the NAEO through regular messaging. Additionally, this page ( will also be regularly updated with latest news.


2. How do I join the NAEO

Once launched, joining the NAEO will be a straightforward process all handled through the NAEO website. The site will ask for the details it requires to register your membership and it will also process the membership fees payable at the point of becoming a member of the NAEO. The website is currently in development but members of The Exams Office will be kept updated through regular messaging and this page ( will also be updated with latest news.


3. What benefits will the NAEO offer it's members

On behalf of its members, the NAEO will:

  • Ensure that the exams officer community is represented in discussions and decision making at national level
  • Devise and provide learning and development opportunities, and endorse/support training and resources offered by third parties
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to raise awareness of the work carried out by exams officers
  • Support and recognise good practice and excellence in role
  • Provide free access to employment/legal advice and HR guidance
  • Support the establishment of professional standards for exams officers
  • Provide free access to an industry-standard exams officer qualification
  • Provide free attendance at a summer conference and awards evening
  • Create an effective and robust network structure amongst the exams officer community


4. Will the NAEO replace The Exams Office or take forward any of the member benefits currently offered to centres with membership to The Exams Office?

The Exams Office will not be replaced or disbanded. The two organisations will fulfil very different, but equally significant, roles in supporting the exams system and those who manage and administer exams within centres. Their aims and objectives will have a different focus, but there will be a strong collaboration and positive working relationship.

The Exams Office was set up to support centres, whereas the NAEO will have a core aim of supporting exams officers – both professionally and personally. It will work with key stakeholders to achieve improvements and change for members who are managing and administering examinations and assessments within centres. As the membership to the NAEO will belong to the individual, all activity will focus directly upon the needs of its members.


5. Will or should membership to the NAEO replace my current union membership?

This should be a personal decision based on what you feel is important to you, your professional identity and the benefits you wish to access.

Some of the member benefits offered by the NAEO, such as a national representation, a focus on the individual rather than the employer and personal and professional development, may mirror those offered by a union, however others will not – e.g. political affiliation, a more generic workforce focus etc.


6. How will the NAEO be structured, governed and operate?

The NAEO is the operating name of Examinations Officers Services Community Interest Company (CIC), company number: 13441956.

The NAEO's mandate will be set by its members and its operations will be led by its directors but a steering group will be established to oversee the corporate governance of the NAEO, inform strategic decision making and steer activity and the scope of member benefits.


7. How should I register my interest for volunteering and/or supporting the work of the NAEO, should opportunities arise?

Whilst the NAEO website and associated contact channels are currently under development, those wishing to register their interest to volunteer and/or support the work of the NAEO should, in the first instance, email

A register of interest will be kept and individuals contacted, should opportunities arise.