CEO Message - March 2024 : The launch of 2024 Exams Officer of the Year award

The National Association of Examinations Officers has launched its annual Exams Officer of the Year award.

The award is a key initiative in achieving our aim of raising the profile and status of the exams officer role and to celebrate the achievements of exams officers who have been recognised by senior leaders within their centre and peers within the exams officer community.

Following the closing date of 31 May, The Exams Office and NEAO staff will create a shortlist of 10 exams officers from the nominations received. We will inform these exams officers and their head of centre/senior leadership team/line manager of their achievement.

The shortlist will be considered by representatives from the awarding bodies to decide the two runners up and the 2024 Exams Officer of the Year.

Information of the 2023 award, received by Christos Christofi exams officer at St. John’s School, Cyprus, can be found on the NAEO website. St. John’s school is a Ministry of Defence funded secondary school.

Who can nominate an exams officer?

Any member of centre staff can nominate their exams officer.

Nominations are also welcome from exams officers within a network who may want to nominate their network lead in recognition of their contribution in supporting their colleagues, or an exams officer who wants to nominate a colleague (either from a local centre or from within their Trust or Academy Chain) who has offered the type of support, and impacted the change, listed below.

We encourage senior leaders/line managers to nominate their exams officer where they have met/exceeded the criteria detailed below.

What type of evidence should I submit?

Although nominations based upon an individual’s character and personality are appreciated and may support a nomination, the applications which will be looked upon most favourably will focus upon, and provide examples of:

  • Positive change within their centre or beyond, and/or
  • Devising innovative processes which promote efficiency and effectiveness, and/or
  • Creating procedures which guarantee the integrity and security of the examination system, and a 'level playing field' for candidates, within their centre, and/or
  • Having effected a positive influence amongst their peers

The selection panel will be looking for specific examples of impacting positive change whether that be on the performance of an individual or developing processes/procedures which improve the integrity and/or security of the examination within their centre.

How do I nominate an exams officer?

Nominations can be submitted via a form which is available via the NAEO website (click here).

The closing date for nominations is Friday 31 May 2024.

When will the winner and runners up be announced?

The winner and runners up will be announced at the NAEO Summer Conference.

The head of centre/senior leader/line manager of the exams officers who have been selected as runners up and the winner will be notified prior to the Summer Conference.

What is the prize for the winner and runners-up?

The winner and runners-up receive a gift voucher and certificate.

The winner receives £500 and the runners-up receive £250 (for second place) and £125 (for third place).

The NAEO and The Exams Office will also involve the winner and runners-up in activity such as focus groups, an opportunity to contribute articles or present at training events/conferences to support their professional development and to raise their profile.

The NAEO would like to thank The Exams Office for their support in providing the gift vouchers which are presented to the winner and runners-up.

We look forward to receiving your nomination(s) and thank you for supporting us in this initiative to raise the profile and status of the exams officer role.  

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