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The Power of Intention

29 Apr 2024

Our intention is how we plan or intend to act in any given situation.  When we ‘set’ our Intention for the day or for a task, we are acting on our own moral compass.  We act in a way we believe to be right for us.

Whether we know it or not, we all express our Intention by what we say and do.  Perhaps it is your Intention to complete a work project to your best professional standard.

You may not consciously be aware that you are acting out your beliefs about yourself as you do this, but you are.  We all subconsciously act in ways that demonstrate how we talk about ourselves and feel about our life.  It shows  in what you do and say all the time.

If we never question what we currently think, then we will continue showing the world our how we see ourselves.

When we pause, notice and re-assess, we have a chance to re-set our Intentions and act accordingly.

Let us say you notice a colleague needs some extra support and friendship.

You may already be inclined to notice others’ needs but you make a special Intention to offer your encouragement in any way you can.  Now having set particular Intention, you become aware of different ways to do that.

You may offer to make them a cup of coffee when you make your own, maybe give friendly smile and then, or at a suitable moment, share a biscuit and a chat.

  • How do you want to show up today? 
  • Do you want to be the best you can be?
  • Do you want to be ‘on it’?
  • Will you be aware of others, and of your own responses to the day?
  • What kind of intention would you like to set for yourself?
  • What part of yourself do you want to develop?

You will be showing your Intent to move towards being the kind of person who ‘is’ this way in certain situations.

It is all tied in with how we see ourselves. The person we believe ourselves to be.

Can you say the kind of person you think yourself to be, by describing your characteristics?

  • I am a person who ……
  • I am a person who is …
  • I am a person who does …

Thinking through your own perception of yourself may help you re-assess your self-concept. It may motivate you to be more open to life and those around you.

Intention Meditation

It is always good to spend a few moments contemplating any changes you see for yourself – self-directed or external.

The Meditation below may help you focus your Intention and take you into your day with a new perspective.

As always, allow yourself to still beforehand, settle your breath and your mind, body and spirit, and allow calm in.

As I bring my Intention to the day and to my next activity, I ask to be guided by my own Intuition.

I bring my thoughts to how I intend to act this day.

I am ready to do all I can

To show my best self to those around me.

As I move through my day, it is my intention to act with

Mindful care of those I live and work around.

It is my intention to act with consideration and thoughtfulness.

I will speak with kindness.

I will talk with respect.

I will pause before acting.

I will think before reacting.

I will have a care for myself, and for others.

By doing this I will grow more Mindful day by day.

Now sit still in this gentle space that you've created for yourself. Let your heart feel lighter and your Spirit eased.

Rest for a few minutes confirming your intention to be Mindful, to yourself and others.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and get on with your day with a renewed Intention to show up well in every situation and be the best version of You that you can.

Love and light,


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