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The 8Cs of Interpersonal skills

01 Feb 2024

Your level of interpersonal skills shows in how you interact with your colleagues to demonstrate your emotional awareness.  These EQ or emotionally intelligent skills are considered more important than IQ.

We all need to get on with our colleagues, connect and collaborate together.  It is via this togetherness that we show how well we can work in Teams alongside those whose personalities and attitudes may rub against ours.

When we are respectful of others, we can be said to be empathetic or considering their viewpoint.

It needs us to manage our relationships with care, and to be able to communicate with real consideration when engaging with others.

When we are Emotionally Responsible, we are able to control our responses.  We become conscious of how we push others as we develop the active listening skills important in healthy, nurturing relationships.

As we learn how to effectively understand colleagues messages, we become more self-aware and able to manage our behaviour.

Here are my 8Cs of important Interpersonal Skills

  1. Conversation
  2. Communication
  3. Consideration
  4. Connection
  5. Care
  6. Collaboration
  7. Compromise
  8. Clarity

Let’s go through them.


  1. Conversation

To demonstration good interpersonal skills we need to listen effectively, and talk with respect.Our purpose should be to understand what is said and to reply with emotional intelligence that shows we have thought through and weighed up how best to respond.


  1. Communication

However we communicate (via print of voice) we need to be mindful of how our message is relayed and received.If there is any doubt on our purpose, our intention needs a re-think.

Ego should take a back seat and we should allow colleagues the opportunity to take centre stage.They should be our priority.


  1. Consideration

Having strong EQ skills allows us to consider the thoughts and feelings of others.We are always alert to their reactions to us, and our focus in on them, not ourselves.


  1. Connection

When we connect empathetically with our colleagues we demonstrate our personal growth and thinking.Connection helps us with the bigger picture and perspective.Connection pushes us to see the effect we are having on others and how it builds our relationships.


  1. Care

“No-one cares how much we know until we show how much we care”.

When we genuinely care about others, we will be able to connect with them better.When we demonstrate our caring side, our colleagues will interact with us on a deeper level.Maslow, in his Hierarchy of Needs, helped us see the value of being needed.When we care for others, we allow our colleagues to feel supported.


  1. Collaboration

Working in Team needs us to collaborate.Schools require strong networking.When we get these 8Cs right, collaboration is a breeze.Issues are minimal.We seek ways to overcome challenges to produce minimum fallout.


  1. Compromise

All relationships require a degree of compromise.Your level of emotional intelligence will affect your willingness to adapt to others’ suggestions and demands.You will need to decide your personal attitude to compromise.

Mindful Compromise asks you to use all your sensitivity, understanding and awareness, whilst maintaining your personal standards of integrity.


  1. Clarity

Good careful communication requires clarity. Try and be transparent in all your relationships whilst explaining your Who, Why, What, When, How and Where. When each party understands what is expected of them, they can respond better.Clarity eliminates confusion. If you can be clear and succinct in your communications you’ll achieve more and be more.


Interpersonal Skills can be learned, and honed through practice and emotional awareness. Anyone who demonstrates strong interpersonal skills will enjoy stronger and more meaningful relationships.

These are people who others seek out as sounding boards and confidantes. Time spent developing more considerate responses to others is beneficial to us all.

Love and Light,


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